Building Contractor in York | Benefits of Our Services


Here at MH Wood Building Services, we offer a wide range of services that bring multiple benefits to domestic and commercial property owners in the York area. From transformative property renovations to space-saving property extensions, we offer the level of premium workmanship expected from a building contractor and house builder backed by more than 15 years of trade and industry experience. What’s more, our range of driveways, from block paving to resin driveways, provides the perfect finishing touch to any home.


We’ve taken a closer look below at some of our core services and the advantages that come with them. Our customers in York and the surrounding areas should note that this list doesn’t cover our full range of services.


Building Services with Benefits


1. Property Renovations


For a significant amount of people undertaking property renovations, there remains an enduring appeal linked to transforming a run-down building and returning it to its former glory. The majority of these projects find their inspiration in the creation of a contemporary living or working space within a traditional, timeless or unique architectural structure. Of course, motivation for property renovations can also be found in gaining a healthy return from a relatively small investment.  Whatever, the reason may be, as a vastly experienced building contractor, we maximise the chances of positive results.


In a more general sense, property renovations also provide a unique opportunity for the preservation of traditional architecture in the York area. This not only allows fantastic buildings to live on in compliance with Building Regulations, it also prevents homes from sitting empty during an ongoing housing shortage.


2. Property Extensions


In our position as a building contractor and house builder, we can list countless benefits relating to property extensions. The most obvious amongst these advantages, however, remains homeowners in York avoiding the stress and cost associated with moving house. With a stunning, highly functional extension, there’s no need for agents, packing or goodbyes.


By staying put, our clients also receive the added benefit of remaining in the home and neighbourhood that attracted them in the first place. This could be related to local schools, a short commute to work or conveniently placed local shops; whatever they might be, property extensions stop them from being given up.


Finally, property extensions also allow our clients to create an additional living space that reflects their own personality. As your building contractor, we tailor these rooms to suit any need, from a home office to a larger kitchen. With a clean slate to start from, homeowners can truly put their stamp on the final designs.


3. New Builds


As a house builder in the York area, MH Wood Building Services produces new builds for domestic and commercial clients. The majority of customers opting for a new build choose this option as it gives them complete control over the design of their dream home. While property extensions and property renovations provide their own creative advantages, they can’t compete with the uniquely personal touch, from the foundations to the roofing, that new builds deliver.


What’s more, the structures that we create as a house builder offer the very latest in energy efficiency and safety benefits. New buildings of any type must comply with up-to-date Building Regulations in order to gain the final sign-off. From fire resistant materials to high-performance insulation, these requirements have never been so stringent, and thus so safe.


4. Driveways


As a building contractor and house builder operating in the York area, we provide a comprehensive range of driveways. Homeowners have a choice of block paving, concrete, gravel, flagstone and resin driveways. We firmly believe that this selection of materials covers every possible budget and stylistic taste, meaning our clients can design the kind of driveways they’ve always dreamed of.


Whether they opt for concrete, resin driveways or anything in between, the primary benefit of having this feature installed by experienced professionals remains their stunning aesthetic appeal. As the first and last thing visitors to your property see, immaculately laid block paving, gravel or resin driveways make a lasting impression.


If you’re searching for a time-served, reputable house builder and building contractor in York, call 01977 66 11 56 or 07772 82 58 05.