Property Renovations in Selby, Pontefract, York & Throughout Yorkshire


In our position as a vastly experienced, highly skilled building contractor, MH Wood Building Services carries out domestic and commercial property renovations across the Yorkshire area. Whether in Selby, Pontefract, York or any other regional location, we offer a start-to-finish service renowned for its reliability, honesty and outstanding workmanship. With a team that covers every aspect of the building trade, we transform stagnant, dated and even derelict properties into structures fit for the demands of the 21st century. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we provide an unrivalled service package.


The property renovations that we carry out as your chosen building contractor include:


• Residential Home Renovations

• Commercial Property Renovations

• Repair & Restoration of Original Features

• Structural Repairs & Alterations

• External Repairs & Alterations

• Improvements to Energy Efficiency

• Upgrades to Heating & Electrical Systems

• Painting, Decorating & Tiling Work


We recognise that each client has a unique concept for the property renovations they wish to carry out. As such, whether we work in Selby, Pontefract, York or any other surrounding location, we tailor our approach to suit the needs of the job at hand.


To schedule an initial consultation for your own property renovations, please contact us. Please note that if any specific work hasn’t been listed above, it remains highly likely that we can still help you. As a versatile building contractor, we take on renovation work of any kind.


Our renovation, refurbishment and restoration services extend to heritage and period properties as well as listed buildings. Of particular note, we have completed a full refurbishment of St Mary’s Church in Birkin, near Knottingley.

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Property Renovations | What to Expect


Put simply, the term ‘renovation’ relates to the process of restoring something to a good state of repair. As a building contractor, that ‘something’ usually takes the form of a building, be it a poorly maintained residential house in Selby or Pontefract, or a dilapidated commercial property in York or the wider Yorkshire area.


Here at MH Wood Building Services, we take these run-down starting points and transform them into premises fit for modern use, all while maintaining the original structure.


Our team does this by adhering to the following steps:


1. Assessing the Existing Structure


We carry out a comprehensive assessment of the current structure in order to get a clear picture on the extent and severity of any structural problems. This insight aids us in uncovering issues that may have compromised vital features such as the brickwork and the foundations. In addition, this process also creates a solid platform from which we conduct the entirety of the project itself.


2. Prevent More Damage


Regardless of the extent of any issues found in the structural assessment, they can always get worse if not attended to. In order to perform efficient property renovations on time and within budget, we put certain damage limitation measures in place.


This action includes erecting temporary roofing, boarding up damaged windows and assembling a support scaffold. These measures not only minimise the likelihood of further damage to properties in Selby, Pontefract, York or the neighbouring areas, they also discourage would-be trespassers and vandals too.


3. Stabilising Services


Should we discover compromised foundations to any extent, rectifying this issue takes immediate priority. For property renovations to achieve long-term success, the foundations of the structure have to be in perfect condition.


As the building contractor of choice, we carry out a range of services dependant on the situation at hand. These usually include piling, underpinning or any other work associated with preventing lateral spread through the walls and roof. If a collapse remains possible, we insert props or steel beams.


4. Demolition & Clearance


Having stabilised the structure, we then go about stripping, demolishing and clearing work throughout the property. This reduces the premises to the essential features that we will incorporate into the property renovations that follow. Having concluded this step, only the stable shell of a structure remains. At this point, we carry out more inspections, including those on the damp-proofing and drainage system.


From here, property renovations in Selby, Pontefract, York and the Yorkshire area move from concepts to reality. Having created a blank canvas, we then produce a modern property, fully compliant with UK Building Regulations, within the shell of the original building.


For clients looking to create an entirely new property from scratch, we also provide a new builds service.

If you’re searching for a trusted building contractor to carry out property renovations in the Yorkshire area, call 01977 66 11 56 or 07772 82 58 05.

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Building Contractor in Selby 4
Building Contractor in Selby 5