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In our role as a time-served building contractor and house builder, MH Wood Building Services recognises that property owners in Pontefract utilise our service for a variety of reasons. However, foremost amongst these remains the urge to increase long-term property value. Whether this involves simply increasing living space in a much-loved family home for purely practical reasons, or as part of multiple projects aimed at increasing overall value ahead of an imminent sale, we cater to every requirement. From new builds and property extensions to resin driveways and property renovations, we provide a comprehensive range of services with zero compromise on quality.


Below, we have taken a closer look at the potential amount our core services could add to the value of your Pontefract property.


Adding Value to Your Property


1. Driveways


As part of our work as a building contractor and house builder, MH Wood Building Services installs block paving, concrete, gravel, flagstone and resin driveways throughout Pontefract. This selection of materials covers every possible budget and stylistic taste. Having a high-quality driveway has become an essential part of home development over the years, particularly as street parking becomes ever more difficult. With so much competition for spaces, tastefully added driveways remain a solid option to increase property value.


In a study by Virgin Money, these new features, be it block paving or resin driveways, were found to add as much as 10% in property value. Naturally, reaching the higher end of this scale depends heavily on certain caveats such as the aforementioned local parking situation, the quality of the building contractor and the overall aesthetic appearance. However, features like gravel, flagstone and resin driveways will always hold appeal with drivers. Those who can park off-road often see a decrease in insurance costs.


2. Property Extensions


While no investment can ever be 100% guaranteed, the closest a Pontefract homeowner can get to a sure thing is a house extension. The final figure varies depending on the location of the property, the size of the extension and the use of the room within it. We have, however, selected statistics that illustrate just how lucrative property extensions can be.


According to Nationwide, an average-sized three-bedroom house with an extension that creates an en-suite double bedroom raises property value by as much as 23%. This research into property extensions also found that an additional bathroom added up to 6%, while a double bedroom can bring about a rise of as much as 12%.


With such varying figures, it’s always best to contact a trusted building contractor and house builder to ascertain your own personal benefits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01977 66 11 56 or 07772 82 58 05.


3. Property Renovations


Whether a domestic home or a commercial unit, the overall increase in value brought about by property renovations depends on the condition of the building to start with. What’s more, the work that we carry out as a building contractor in this regard has a broad scope. Naturally, smaller, less extensive projects don’t bring about as much of value increase as those that completely transform a large building.


However, our clients in Pontefract considering property renovations should also bear in mind that larger buildings or those in the worst of conditions require a much larger budget to complete. As a time-served building contractor and house builder, we strongly advise undertaking work in stages and re-evaluating the situation at each point. In this case, always carry out essential property renovations head of desired ones.

If you’re considering options for resin driveways, property extensions, property renovations or any form of home development in Pontefract, call 01977 66 11 56 or 07772 82 58 05.