Resin Driveways in Selby & Yorkshire | A Complete Range of Patios & Driveways


MH Wood Building Services specialises in the laying of patios and driveways to suit any requirement. Working in conjunction with our customers, as well as utilising our own trade experience of more than 15 years, we design outstanding features that blend seamlessly into existing areas while simultaneously providing a ‘wow-factor’. From resin driveways to flagstone patios, we offer a selection of materials designed to suit any budget without any compromise on the quality or longevity of the finished article. Located in Eggborough, we provide this service in Selby, Pontefract, York and the surrounding Yorkshire areas.


Our full range of surfaces includes:


• Resin Driveways & Patios

• Block Paving Driveways & Patios

• Flagstone Driveways & Patios

• Gravel Driveways & Patios

• Concrete Driveways & Patios


Whichever option our clients opt for, they receive an installation from our CSCS-certified personnel. We pride ourselves on producing workmanship of the highest standards, so our results don’t simply meet expectations, they exceed them.


If you’d like to schedule an initial consultation regarding a new patio or driveway at your property in Selby, Pontefract, York or the surrounding areas, please contact us.

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A Closer Look at Our Range


Resin Driveways & Patios – Here at MH Wood Building Services, we specialise in laying a permeable resin bound material for immaculate driveways and patios. This particular product involves the mixing of clear resin with marble, natural aggregate or recycled materials. During this process, each individual stone particle becomes coated in the resin.  We then lay the mixture onto a base with a smooth finish. The final depth of this surface varies between 12mm and 24mm depending on the type and size of stone and its intended use. For example, resin driveways require a greater depth than patios.


No matter the specifications, our resin driveways and patios provide a durable, multi-layered surface that doesn’t contain any loose stones. What’s more, the surface has a permeable nature, so if laid on an equally permeable base, rain water drains naturally away rather than being sent directly into the drains.


Block Paving Driveways & Patios – Much like resin driveways and patios above, block paving alternatives provide stunning aesthetics with a permeable surface. What’s more, block paving offers homeowners in Selby, Pontefract, York and the wider Yorkshire area with an opportunity to create a unique design feature. The individual blocks come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, allowing an experienced professional, like those at MH Wood Building Services, to lay them in a pattern of your choosing.


Before laying the block paving, we dig out the area to at least 150mm below the adjoining damp proof course, ensuring a fall of 1:40 along the width and 1:80 across the length. We then lay a concrete foundation of 1-part cement and 6-parts ballast to a depth of 100mm. After fitting the necessary edge restraints, we lay Type 1 crushed concrete or MOT type 1 roadstone to a compacted depth of 100mm. Next, we lay damp sharp sand at depths of 50mm and 20mm, compacting each layer as well as screeding the last. From here, we lay block paving in the stated pattern before filling the gaps with kiln dried sand.


Flagstone Driveways & Patios – Whether used on a driveway or as a patio surface, flagstones provide an array of design options. Not only do these surfaces produce impressive aesthetics, they also provide outstanding durability and a classic style that soon becomes an asset to the property.


Flags come in two primary types: those manufactured from natural stone and those produced using concrete. While both easily withstand the demands placed upon most patios, homeowners need to think carefully when choosing an option for a driveway. The most reliable options include those of natural stone with a thickness of 30mm or more. However, MH Wood Building Services only ever uses premium-quality materials, so we’re always on hand to explain what will work and what won’t.


Gravel Driveways & Patios – As a traditional, rustic option for driveways and patios, we particularly recommend angular material sized between 14mm and 20mm. This type of material, be it granite, flint or basalt, doesn’t displace easily when driven on, unlike smaller or rounded varieties which rut easily under pressure. To prevent weed growth, we also fit permeable, polypropylene membranes to suppress weed growth.


Gravel patios can take on a more decorative approach, with an emphasis on aesthetics over pure function. With an adequate base of larger road rock compacted down into place, a wide range of gravelling options can simply be poured on top until reaching the desired level.


Concrete Driveways & Patios – Homeowners in Selby, Pontefract, York and the neighbouring areas have long favoured concrete for a swift, cost-effective solution to surfacing a driveway or patio. With groundworks and edging often less extensive than those for other driveways and patios, projects involving concrete offer an impressive overall turnaround.


Once laid, we apply grooves to the wet surface with a brush in order increase grip in wet conditions, as well as improving drainage.

Call 01977 66 11 56 or 07772 82 58 05 to talk over your options for concrete, gravel, flagstone, block paving and resin driveways in Yorkshire.

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Building Contractor in Selby 3
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